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HAVE KNOTZ ENT: The Ultimate Indie Platform

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Have Knotz Entertainment is trying to build a platform that allows all income level, independent talents to gain exposure, and build their brand. It is set up to be where those who recognize the worth of investing in one self, can come and get guidance, as well as utilize all services, that start with the legalities of becoming a brand, then building the brand, to finally marketing and distributing that brand.

Have Knotz Ent. is a result of life experienced through the eyes of an 80's baby; witnessing an emerging culture, known as Hip Hop. With over 25 years of experience (first as an artist, then a label co-owner, to building a radio station), Have Knotz Ent. is set to fill in the gaps that prevented previous endeavors to never reach their full potential.

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