The Everything Indie Show w/ LogicDGC
Every Tuesday at 7:30pm
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The Everything Indie Show (also known as TEIS) is a live streaming platform that showcases today's "indie artist" - who may be anything from musicians to entertainers to small business owners, with a Hip Hop and R&B themed setting. Many still in the 9-5 grind; Willing to work double OT to invest in their true passions. The Top 5 Indie Hip Hop Videos of the Week Indie Sounds of the Week highlight recently released music videos of indie artist ranging from under 100 subs to even a over million. Prizes and discounts are given away during The Winning Wheel segment. TEIS specials like The IndieVerzuz & Artist Showcase as well as the weekly interviews allow the audience to get a deeper glance into person these artists are and catalog of work they've amassed.  

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